Monthly archives:December 2017

  • Tips For Becoming Motivated When Feeling Depressed

  • Depression kills any shadow of motivation, energy, interest, and concentration.  However, feelings aren’t fueled by our logical brains.  I have felt many times that I no longer have the strength to move on, to fight for everything I want, it is easy for someone to say “make changes to your lifestyle[...]
  • Keep Healthy: 5 Healing Thermal Springs Of Greece

  • Mineral and thermal springs of Greece, combined with the sea, clean air, warm sun and abundance of greenery attract tourists with the opportunity to improve their health. There are more than 7 hundred thermal springs in Greece, and many of them are recognized to be curative. Their benefits were rev[...]
  • How To Tell If You Have A Problem With Your Bite

  • If you are wondering what a bite is exactly, know that it’s the alignment of the teeth where the upper set meets the lower set. A lot of us are born with a faulty bite but more often than not, it goes undetected for a long time because some bite disorders do not cause enough active symptoms to raise[...]