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  • Keep Healthy: 5 Healing Thermal Springs Of Greece

  • Mineral and thermal springs of Greece, combined with the sea, clean air, warm sun and abundance of greenery attract tourists with the opportunity to improve their health. There are more than 7 hundred thermal springs in Greece, and many of them are recognized to be curative. Their benefits were rev[...]
The Taste Of Portugal: 10 Unique Dishes To Try In Porto
  • The Taste Of Portugal: 10 Unique Dishes To Try In Porto

  • Porto and the whole north of Portugal, where the formation of the country began, are famous for the sincere character of its locals and great traditions of hospitality. Among other advantages is a rich cuisine, accompanied by excellent wines of this region. Infinitely diverse, simple and surprising[...]
  • Shopping In Manchester: 5 Spots To Enjoy It

  • The UK is a dream of every shopper, and the famous city of Manchester is one of the centers of shopping. Manchester features the largest shopping centers not only in Britain but also in Europe. Its numerous pedestrian streets are widely dotted with shops, stores and boutiques that attract lots of th[...]
  • Birmingham: 5 Amazing Sights To Go With Kids

  • Planning an incredible weekend in Birmingham? It’s really a good traveling choice! A vacation in Birmingham with your kids is not only relaxes, but also charges with a huge dose of positive energy. Birmingham is a fun and lively city. Therefore it’s perfect for visiting even with the smallest member[...]
Budget Brussels: Tricks and Tips for Budget Travellers to Eat ON THE GO
  • Nightlife Guide: 5 Best Night Clubs On Ibiza

  • Having fun is easy when you go to the right nightclub. Ibiza is an island full of life and good ambiance. You can get a piece of the action when you go to a nightclub so you can have more fun. Space Ibiza Space Ibiza is an outstanding nightclub that you have to see to b[...]
  • Sporty Style: 5 Best Gyms Of Barcelona

  • Sport has become an element of modern megacities. Barcelona is one of those cities where locals pay special attention to health, physical fitness and proper nutrition. Contrary to popular belief, the Spanish commitment to an active lifestyle is determined not only by football, but also by sports act[...]
  • Portugal In Sport: TOP Schools To Be Surf Master

  • The sea, sun and freedom make surfing attractive for all extreme lovers. This is a kind of sport for real winners that are not used to bow to the fate. Portugal is a country where you can learn surfing from the cradle. Center of Water Sports Riactiva The surf school Riactiva is located 200 meter[...]
  • Best Spa Centers In Athens

  • Athens is a beautiful place where serenity and tranquility are intertwined in every aspect of life. If you happen to be visiting Athens for any reason, then a visit to a high-end spa and wellness center is a must. A day spent at some of the most relaxing and rejuvenating spa centers in Athens could [...]
  • Thermal Resorts in Porto and Northern Portugal

  • What is the special treasure of Northern Portuguese and Porto? Of course, it is said about thermal resorts - special places, where the hot water goes up on full speed. The strong therapeutic effect of thermal water is popular all over the world. You meet traditional therapeutic procedures by taking [...]